Quality Materials = Superior Performance:

We offer a reliable estimate you can use to plan your project easily. It is important for you to know that we only use the highest-quality materials to deliver the best work. In our skilled hands, the merit from the quality materials shine. You get the satisfaction of things are done right. 

Invest in local talent and see how easily you can make it happen: how easily you can make your environment more beautiful in front of your eyes. Local building materials produced & delivered = LEED points 

We provide:

  • Information on how things are made & who made them
  • Quality materials that last a life time
  • Material performance & installation that meet Codes & Standards
  • Beautiful designs & unique services that "wow" people
  • Easy reach to designer & producer by a quick response
  • Free initial consultation & Free estimate

We love our handmade products to become a tool to make a difference. You can purchase or create products for your fundraising events. We will donate a portion of the purchase to a worthy cause. Talk to us with ideas, see what we can do together 

It is beneficial to include us in the earliest possible design stage of the creative process. All information you provide will be treated confidentially. From design discussion to custom production, and installation if needed, we can assist you to realize your vision by providing many creative alternatives

- Construction Management

- Construction
- Installation of tile works
- Restoration & Repair works
- Maintenance Program of Masonry 
- Specification & Code Requirement

- Product Design

- Prototype & Sample Production

- Environmental Graphic Design

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ticket2art@gmail.com   Smyrna GA 30082

Custom order design + production of tiles & mosaic murals directly to have more control of the outcome. You can use our durable commercial grade tiles in/outdoors. We also utilize our unique set-up to make community engaged Public Art to help beautify the world​

Employing a site-specific maintenance program is a basic rule to ensure integrity of the surface. But challenging installations don't receive proper care. We will nurse them back to life. You will rediscover beauty hidden under the surface. Call us to save your treasure

Ticket 2 Art, LLC.  Smyrna, GA 30082



By appointment only, please call us first

​Graphics to 3D design, Product Development, Prototyping & Production - professional services available from start to finish in complete confidence. Need artistic solutions to advance your project? Let us solve your creative challenges

- Decorative & Commemorative Tiles
- Tile Mosaic Mural 
- Architectural surfaces and metalwork
- Custom Production of quantity orders
- Concept Development
- Design-Build Cost Estimate

- Site-specific Sculptures
- Contract Production of Public Art
- Community Workshop Programs

You will receive a high quality craftsmanship from our products & services to solve your creative challenge. A team of experienced artists & professionals will work with you & your design team in a range of disciplines to bring out the very best creative solution for your home, commercial and municipal properties